Connecting local to global: An international network of collaborative spaces

Impact Hub DC will be a member-space of Impact Hub Association, a consortium of collaborative spaces in cities around that world that are providing social innovators the space, resources, and connectivity they need to achieve maximum impact in their communities.

Currently, there are 40 Impact Hubs across 6 continents, in cities including Johannesburg, London, São Paolo and San Francisco. In addition, there are more than 20 additional Hubs expected to open their doors in the next year, including in New York, Kyoto, and Moscow.

As the local node of the global Impact Hub World network, Impact Hub DC will connect locally-based members with 6,000+ peers around the world, allowing for exponentially greater sharing of best practices and opportunities for collaboration. Impact Hub DC members will also have the opportunity to work out of any other space when they travel, allowing them to build stronger relationships online and in person.

Click here to view the network website.

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