Citizen Circles

Is there a topic you’re interested in learning more about, but you haven’t had the time or known where to start? Are you interested in studying with others in DC who are passionate about creating a better world for all and improving their skills and knowledge base to accelerate their work?

Impact Hub DC is partnering with Citizen Circles, a network of peer-to-peer learning catalysts who are working with people around the world who are passionate about social change to design their own learning experiences with small, local peer groups. Citizen Circles participants are making new connections, advancing their personal goals, and actively changing their lives and communities for the better.

Since the Summer of 2011, Impact Hub DC has organized citizen circles that meet at least 6 times to explore their idea in depth – combining reading, viewing, discussing, and experiential elements for a rich peer-to-peer learning experience. We all come together at points along the way to connect, share what we’ve learned, and talk about how this will fuel our work for social change.

If you would like to learn about how to get involved with Citizen Circles, email Allison at

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